My name is Nicholas Flavius (this is a pseudonym of course).  I am a middle aged, married father of two living in occupied So Cal. I have a B.A. in history and political science, and have just recently received an M.A. in ancient and classical history. I also previously attended law school for a year and half, but soon discovered the cost / benefit ratio of attaining a law degree in Southern California to be outrageous. I would consider my political views and general analysis of the world to be what many call traditionally conservative, somewhat akin to what one would expect from the well know Pat Buchanan. However, I am also deeply sympathetic the new emerging Alternative Right, and the growing Identitarian movement in Europe and other Western nations. My defining characteristic would probably be my deep Roman Catholic Faith, belief in the authentic traditions of the Catholic Church, and the patriarchal, hierarchical, and masculine society that the authentic Church espouses.

I am extremely well versed in Catholic apologetics, history, and theology. I am also very well read regarding the Eastern Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, with a great interest in the Byzantine Empire, the Greek speaking Fathers of the Church, and heresies that arose out of the East. Additionally, much of the studies I did in pursuit of my M.A. focused on identifying, revealing and explaining authentic Christianity as contained within the Catholic Church, and to a lesser degree the Orthodox Churches, as opposed to the “Christianity” practiced by Protestants and Evangelicals and so hated by Muslims, Jews and pagans. I did this not out of hostility but out of charity for those who have been denied the birthright of Western Civilization, the Catholic Church. I am a firm believer in the notion that the traditional Western Civilization that good and conscious men so love began as an amalgamation of Greek philosophy, the Roman legal tradition, and Hebrew monotheism and made effort to study each. I am especially impressed by the masters of stoic philosophy. As such, I am also a firm believer in sound mind, sound body and have long experience in physical fitness, especially weight lifting, a rejection of the destructive “standard American Diet”, and the pseudo-science that the elites use to control the general population.


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