Christianity and Masculinity: An Introduction

Most of those in the modern West have had no exposure to authentic Christianity. Quite the opposite, they have been bombarded with heretical mind-sets, modernist propaganda, and a subversive media all masked as Christian values. It has reached the point that the elites openly ridicule traditional Christian morality. This is especially true in the Angloshpere. One of the last institutions to reject American “values” is the Catholic Church and this is because her teachings regarding faith and morals are unchangeable. The Church continues to refuse the legitimacy of sodomy, divorce, birth control, fornication, and female clergy; all evils by any traditional objective standard. Although, it must be admitted that in contemporary Europe and North America one would be hard pressed to find any significant number of Catholics who remain faithful to these teachings. Despite the Church’s claim to be the one Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, it did not possess a monopoly on these common sense beliefs. Just about every major Christian denomination adhered to an extremely traditional moral code nearly universal to the West.

It wasn’t until the early twentieth century that the morality as advocated by most faithful Christians began to irreversibly break down and Christian societies began their continuing and seemingly irreparable decline. But why did this happen? How can two thousand years of tradition be discarded by the vast majority of its adherents within a few short decades?  There is something of an ugly insight that traditionalists and neomasculinists have become aware of and hold as general truth: any male dominated group that allows females to join and accrue any significant amount of power within that group will soon be dominated by females and will inevitably crumble because of the gross mismanagement of the female executives. An even blunter and probably even more accurate version of this maxim is that ANY successful organization that allows females (or homosexuals) to infiltrate its power structure will inevitably fail. There has never existed in western Christendom any major organization that was created by, built by, cultivated to success by, and competently maintained by a female executive class. Even the great female religious orders of the Catholic Church were established by (primarily), sanctioned by, and overseen by men and a male dominated bureaucracy.

By understanding such insights one may understand one of the most important contributions to the demise of Western society and Christendom in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Following the Anglican Church’s capitulation to the feminine imperative with their acceptance of birth control in the 1930’s (insert Monty Python sketch here),  the old Protestant denominations surrendered in due order to the emerging secular rejection of Christian truths. There are many differing theories of by whom and why these vices were being promoted, but at the time the symptoms of Western society’s growing disease were readily apparent: women’s suffrage, flappers, contraception, prohibition, and females entering the workforce. Yes, females began to infiltrate the masculine institutions that had built and maintained Western culture, most gravely the religious institutions that encouraged traditionally masculine behavior among men, and controlled the female libido.


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